Lee Pace, who wrapped on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY a couple weeks back, spoke with Click Online shortly after and described his role as the film’s main antagonist, Ronan the Accuser. Suffice to say, Pace enjoyed his work.

He’s a f***ing psycho! He’s a real monster. I’ve had the best time playing this character. I’m glad it’s all on film and I never thought I could be so nuts in it! James Gunn is just putting together a phenomenal movie and I’ve had the best time working with him on it. And yea we’ve made a monster of an alien!

Establishing Ronan as a threat will be a critical step in GUARDIANS to quiet down some of the “Where’s Thanos?” chatter. It will be interesting, though, to see if Ronan is purely evil with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, or is perhaps acting under some kind of duress. In his recent comic book appearances, like the current Marvel event series INFINITY, Ronan has been an uneasy ally of the Guardians and even The Avengers.

Pace is surely capable of creating a character that could live on as the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands, but if Ronan is as monstrous as Pace says, then there may be no other option than for the Guardians to eliminate him.