UPDATE: The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter have each confirmed through their own sources that Bradley Cooper has indeed been offered the role of Rocket Raccoon. No deal has been struck, as negotiations are ongoing, so this does not yet mean Cooper will lend his voice to Rocket. It is, however, his role to lose or decline at this point.

Giving credit where it’s due, Latino Review nailed this one.

Original Report: Marvel is still in pursuit of big stars to lend their voices to “Guardians of the Galaxy.” After Vin Diesel suggested he was voicing Groot last week, Latino Review now reports Marvel Studios has offered Bradley Cooper the role of Rocket Raccoon. Marvel, of course, has yet to confirm offers have been made to either Diesel or Cooper.

977250_433260230122338_2079929144_oIf this is true, however, Marvel is wisely adding more star power to a property that does not have its own built-in name recognition. Cooper has the sarcasm to play Rocket, but it would be interesting to see, or rather hear if he can capture the tough, gritty side of the character. The most entertaining aspect of Rocket, though, is his banter with Star-Lord and it’s not hard to imagine Cooper doing well in verbal bouts with headliner Chris Pratt.