Yesterday, Vin Diesel continued his ongoing tease of Marvel fans by posting a picture of “Guarians of the Galaxy” team member Groot (below) in the timeline of his official Facebook page. Diesel met with Marvel Studios last month, but as of San Diego Comic Con, studio boss Kevin Feige said there was nothing to announce. Apparently, there still was not anything to announce at the D23 Expo last weekend.

Diesel has been dropping hints about his involvement with Marvel for weeks, but they all seem to be about different characters he can play. The Groot picture is the most direct clue Diesel has provided, though, and now Deadline is reporting its sources have confirmed the “Fast and Furious” headliner really is in talks to voice the arboreal monarch turned superhero.

Bringing in a big name like Vin Diesel would certainly help a film like “Guardians of the Galaxy” given its lack of mainstream awareness, but voicing a character that only yells, “I am GROOT,” almost seems to small of a role for the actor. Then again, with quirky ridiculousness being such a key component in “Guardians,” maybe this is exactly the role Diesel should play. Regardless, this should all be considered a rumor until official confirmation is provided.