Jeff Goldblum Prepares For THOR: RAGNAROK, Possibly Reveals A Key Plot Point

Source: Jeff Goldblum

Source: Jeff Goldblum

In one of the coolest pieces of superhero casting ever, Jeff Goldblum is playing the Grandmaster in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is fortunate to have him, Goldblum is not taking this opportunity for granted.

Earlier today, Goldblum shared a photo on his official Facebook page to let fans know he will not walk into the MCU unprepared.

Goldblum is reading The Mighty Thor #374, written by Walt Simonson and drawn by Sal Buscema. It’s an interesting choice of reading for the actor, as his character does not appear in the issue at all. The main story deals with Thor battling and saving mutant characters that are part of Fox’s X-Men franchise, which obviously Marvel Studios cannot touch, let alone include in Thor: Ragnarok.

The issue is, however, part of the legendary Walt Simonson run on Thor, which is a big influence on Ragnarok. One key development in this issue comes at the end when Hela, the villain of Thor: Ragnarok who will be played by Cate Blanchett, informs Thor that she has recently cursed him so that his bones can break like those of mortal men, but they will not heal.

To make matters worse, Hela adds another curse that will not allow Thor to die no matter how severe his injuries become. He cannot die until Hela decides he has suffered enough and there’s no guarantee she’ll ever feel The God of Thunder has endured enough pain.

Source: Marvel ComicsSource: Marvel Comics

Perhaps the cinematic version of Hela will place a similar curse on Thor in the movie. Imagine Thor having to battle the Hulk and other powerful opponents, possibly in an arena run by Goldblum’s Grandmaster, but without the level of durability usually afforded to an Asgardian. In the comics, this plot point eventually led to Thor forging some new battle armor for himself. The same could happen in the MCU, though I don’t feel as confident about that happening as the breakable bones/immortality curse.

Source: Marvel ComicsSource: Marvel Comics

Of course, this could all be, and likely is, my own nerdy Marvel imagination running wild. It could all be as simple as Goldblum being handed that issue at random or picking it out because he liked the cover.

We’ll find out when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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